How to setup a Magento 2 Multistore

Go to all stores


1 – Admin panel

2 – Configuration → All stores

go to all stores 1

go to all stores 2

Here you can see three buttons: “Create Website”, “Create Store View”, “Create Store”.

Create website

Choose an option Create Website

Name – we will use it for next steps

Code – it is code for our new site

Create website 1

Create Store

Choose an option “Create Store”

Choose Web Site → see previous step

Create Store

Create Store View

Choose an option “Create Store View”

Create Store View 1

After that, we see warning message – press “OK”.

Create Store View 2

Change a website’s base URL

  1. Stores → Web
  2. Choose in “Store view” selector  → “New Web site ”
  3. Base Url – unclick ‘default’ and change the first field

Change a website’s base URL 1

Change a website’s base URL 2

Change a website’s base URL 3

After that, just clear cache at your new site 🙂
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