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In the life of any software comes the release date and its release into the big IT world. Quality Assurance helps it look 100% perfect. It decides how it will go into effect, and whether the software will be understandable to a simple user.

A few words about Browserstack

In the practice, we use a cloud assistant without which our work was less productive and the process would not be so exciting and interesting. Name it Browserstack. It allows you to quickly check your site for browser compatibility via 1100+ mobile and desktop browsers.


Browserstack Android


Browserstack iOS


Browserstack OS

A wide variety of options is offered to us by this application. The QA team can test its software on the latest versions of browsers and operating systems as well as earlier in chronological order, thereby conducting exhaustive testing, as much as possible satisfying the end user.

A five-step guide to using it

1. You can easily download Browserstack in your working browser and install the plug-in using chrome://extensions/.




2. You have the ability to deploy it locally on your production machine for testing during the development process

3. Integrate your test suite or write new ones on 7 programming languages

Choose the programming language you need and begin testing in two simple steps.


Run your first step


integrate your test suite


4. A large list of additional documentation facilitates the work process and easily brings clarity to the security function.


Debugging Selenium Tests


5. To add employees of the team in two clicks in order to share their ideas and processes.


Add employees


Our team always uses the Browserstack cloud store when testing the software.

With the help of PairWise technology, our team identified the ideal test environment, successfully documented it and released our projects.

The Browserstack team keeps an eye on the pulse of the technology world. As soon as at the market for digital technology there were new products from Apple, such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X, after a short time, we could see them in the toolbox. This was a pleasant surprise, as we have the opportunity to test our product as efficiently as possible on different devices.


iPhone 8


In the testing process, you can easily switch the screen resolutions, browsers and operating systems that are needed. You needn’t download the software, that you are testing, again. You can do this with the SWITCH button


SWITCH button


testing on Safari


In the process of testing the mobile version of the software, it is possible to vertically and horizontally orient the device, make a screenshot without installing additional programs and set the screen size for more convenient use.


vertically and horizontally orient


screen size


Also, you can easily get more information about the device and make it into your report with errors.


device info

Why MageDirect likes this software

Our development team and quality assurance department have been using this program for more than a year. It is indispensable in our daily work. The colorful and intuitive interface makes the work easy and enjoyable, allows you to put into practice a quality and viable product that will fall into the hands of the end user in its best form.

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