Magento 2: how to install PWA on local machine

About how to install Magento 2 PWA read in our article.

1) Install Docker –

2) Сheck node.js version (need >=8.0.0)

If you have >=8.0.0 version, use ‘nvm’ for the downgrade. If you haven’t, please install nvm.

Install 8 version node, using the command:

3) Install yarn (if you have it, you can miss this step, check if you have: yarn –version) –

After done work with requirements, next step will be to clone from Github on branch master and install Vue Storefront.


Clone from repo

In folder vue-storefront , use the command

and below answer the questions :

  1. No
  2. git
  3. ../vue-storefront-api

You should run this command

in folders

  • vue-storefront;
  • vue-storefront-api;

Moreover, you should copy the default conf/default.json -> conf/local.json and adjust your settings.


1. access a folder ( 777 ) ;

2. try using

3. be sure that you installed docker correctly;

4. for docker user access:


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