Magento 2 Tutorial: Create New Admin Account

Continuing to acquaint you with Magento 2 admin area, today MageDirect team wants to demonstrate to curious beginners 5 effortless steps to create new admin account in this CMS. Although many not very tech-savvy merchants face difficulties when it comes to this task, let me instruct you that everything is pretty easy. Execute the following instructions to get things done quickly.  

Keep Up The Simple Procedure Of 5 Stages:

1. Having logged, click System and navigate to All Users point, listed in the Permission paragraph.


2. Next, you just have to tap the button as it’s shown on a screen.


3. There you’ll see two paragraphs of User Information. Select the first one and fill the gaps in Account Information (enter Name, Email, Password, etc).


4. Having completed the previous task, go to the other one. Mark Administrators on this page.


5. Of course, don’t forget to save the settings. So, it comes to the end of the guidance. By the way, the platform’s admin panel allows adding several users, so you can easily add multiple administrators.


Check It Out:

So, everything’s done successfully! To make sure that you’ve completed the target, check the changes. We hope you enjoy the step-by-step tutorial. Browse our site to get more detailed instructions, comprehensive reviews of various CMS, and other interesting tips required to keep an online business in order.

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