Magento Enterprise vs Magento Community

You decided to start the development of Magento eCommerce store, but have some difficulties with a choice of Magento edition? No problem, we are here to help you!

Today we are going to discuss the difference between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Each of these editions has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at the main of them.

Main info

Magento Community Edition is the best option for a small or medium eCommerce business. It is free Magento version, which is great for the development eCommerce stores from scratch with a help of developers

A large size of business it is about you? Your choice – Magento Enterprise Edition. It is ideally for specific needs and advanced features.


The main difference between Magento editions is the price.

If you choose Magento Community Edition, you just pay for hosting, domain name and Magento developers, who will build your website.Any additional fees or yearly licenses.

Enterprise Edition price is quoted, it starts at about $22,000 per year.

That is the main benefit for Community Edition because of not any small business is ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Size of business

Magento Enterprise is the best solution for big stores in case of built-in features for the great performance. You can be sure that with Magento Enterprise your customers will make purchases quickly and easily. On the other hand, Magento Community Edition doesn’t mean that your Magento store will be slow and inconvenient for shopping. We can prepare your store for high-load with a help of best practices, used for our clients. Usually, it is a configuration, which consists of the next software:

– Nginx (HTTP and reverse proxy server),

– php7 fpm,

– Redis ( in-memory data structure store),

– Varnish (caching HTTP reverse proxy).

It was developed many modules for Magento CE to accelerate performance, so there are plenty of solutions to speed up your store.


Magento Enterprise Edition provides many built-in features, such as product wishlist, the ability of gifts, extra payment gateways SDK etc. Surely, it includes plenty of useful functionalities and it can give higher customer and admin experience right out of the box. Nevertheless, Magento Enterprise edition is not only the one way for getting this options. Using Magento Community, we can help you with adding and customization these features (and many others) with a help of third-party extensions. Magento Customization is included in our expertise!


Enterprise edition includes Magento’s 24/7 support and you can be all the time in touch with Magento developers. It is provided by annual license and any “How to” questions will be answered by Magento managers.

As to Magento takes more than quarter of all the eCommerce stores, do not worry about the support of your Magento store. It is a huge Magento Community, whose users are ready to help you. Anyway, you can contact us about the support of your Magento store.


Just ask yourself about your goals. Do you want to start your first eCommerce store, which will grow gradually and without large fees? Magento Community is perfectly suitable for your business needs. In case of you are interested in the enterprise level of your store and you are able to make contributions annually, Magento Enterprise is the edition for you. Whichever edition you choose, we hope that you will be glad to the opportunities, provided by Magento eCommerce platform!

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