Magento QA Checklist for Major Changes

Magento Experts recommend: after the development team has sent a lot of updates to the Magento store for production, it is highly important to check all the significant functionality that affects sales.

This must be done after you have done a large job site that affects many parts of the system. And also after such stages:

  • Updating Magento to the new version
  • Theme Updating
  • Etc.

An example of the checklist that the MageDirect Team uses:

Checking the General appearance of the site

☑ Homepage verification
☑ Category page verification
☑ Product page (slider, content) verification
☑Checkout cart page verification
☑ Verification of checkout page (5 steps checkout page) LOGIN/DETAILS & SHIPPING/PAYMENT/REVIEW
☑ Success page verification
☑ Verification of functions of the login and authorization
☑ Verification of storelocator page
☑ Blog page verification
☑ Check Navigation menu links
☑ Header and Footer links
☑ Checking all cms block/cms page

Products page.Category page.Product listing

☑ View product mode (grid, list etc)
☑ Layered navigation on product/category page
☑ Product sorting (price, SKU, position etc)
☑ Product view limiter on the list page
☑ Category or sub-category descriptions. Main banners
☑ Adding product via product listing pages to the cart
☑ Navigation to the product page. Breadcrumbs
☑ Add all types of the products, which are used on your website (Simple, Configurable – product) to the cart to ensure that the Add to Cart functionality works correctly
☑ Product qty input field
☑ Product description.Product images (zoom, images)
☑ Product Price (price, special price). Button Sold out. Out of stock
☑ Product reviews, question (check review functionality)
☑ Add product to the wishlist and compare list

Customer account and information

☑ Create an Account. Forgot password
☑ Login/Log out
☑ Newsletter Subscription.
☑ Add and edit shipping/billing address
☑ Dashboard. Dropdown menu. Orders. Saved cards. My account details. My Wishlist

Shopping cart.Main functionality

☑ Add a product to the cart. The products of changes Qty
☑ Change or remove products from shopping cart
☑ To apply or to cancel discount codes or gift voucher
☑ Shipping cost and taxes
☑ Midterm and final price, the ” Proceed to checkout” button and “Continue shopping”
☑ The ability to use the payment method Afterpay or Paypal

Checkout page

☑ Customer login, registration, guest checkout on the checkout page.
☑ Billing and shipping input fields (First name, Second name, county, Zip code etc)
☑ Date of birth. Phone number.
☑ Payment methods.(PayPal/Check / Money order/ Credit Card/ Afterpay)
☑ Shipping methods
☑ Voucher code. Gift wrap. Comments. Review orders
☑ Success page.

Transactional E - mail

☑ Contact us submission
☑ Newsletter subscription
☑ Registration confirmation and password reset
☑ Order confirmation

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