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Why you should install Magento patches

To be protected from hacker attacks, you should always update the system in time and install Magento patches.

Do not delay the installation of a new patch or third-party code audit for later. Because after the discovery of the vulnerability and the publication of a new patch, hackers try to have time to gain from this benefit and search the sites around the world to take advantage of the vulnerability. This is because not all merchants make installation and update of Magento store on time.

Protect your businesstake the necessary action on time!

How we can help

Our goal is to provide proper security to your store. For this we offer you the following help:

Magento Patches Installation

The process of installing usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Testing your store for vulnerability, determining which patches you are missing.
  2. Checking your project for customization, which can interfere with the installation of the patch.
  3. Preparing to install the patch (saving the current version of the site, creating a database dump).
  4. Installation.
  5. Testing. Checking, attempts of test site hacking.
  6. In the case of third party code conflicts with the patch – our team performs bug fixing.

Latest Security Patches for Magento 1

Latest Security Update for Magento 2

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