Marketing tips for your eCommerce business


Whether your company is just starting up your Magento eCommerce project or already has a store with a wide variety of products, you need to stay up to date with the marketing trends and methods for your eCommerce solutions.

The most significant index of a successful eCommerce store is a number of sales. And exactly marketing tips can increase your selling without difficulties.

Keep track of trends regularly

Take a constant look at your market by analyzing trends in tastes, tendencies, and prices. Also, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Take a close look at your competitors and marketing tips that they are using. Do not let them be better than you.

Start your Blog

This advice is at the top of marketing tips 2017. The main benefit of adding a blog is that it is free. Just start writing information about your products and company, useful thematic posts will help your customers to choose the best product. Also, you can invite bloggers for writing posts in your blog for sharing communities. The more you are recognized, the more people will want to go to your site to consume.

Moreover, a blog can increase the SEO level of your eCommerce store. More info about SEO optimization you can find in this post.

Do not forget about Email Marketing

Most of your customers make their purchases only once? There’s an idea how to change it. Give them a reason to remember about you. Have you a new collection of shoes or equipment, maybe Christmas discounts? Just share this information with your clients via email. Promotions, contests, blog posts, new year greetings, or also your own marketing tips 2017: everything is good to remind you of your community. Provide monthly slots to send your newsletters (do not overdo it, your customers are like you: they do not like to be flooded with emails)

MageDirect Team can offer a Marketing Automation solution specifically for your business!

Customer feedback

The next one important advice from the list of marketing tips for improving your eCommerce store or eCommerce agency is asking your customers about advantages and disadvantages of your store (via online form, questionnaire by phone or by email, etc). In the result, you will get the list of your benefits, that you can represent for your future customers with statistics, and weaknesses, that you can get rid of. It will be your own list of marketing tips and tricks. Furthermore, this is a great way to remember your customers about your eCommerce store and how their opinion is important for you. It will help you to kill two birds with one stone.

Use Social Networks

Every year more and more Internet users use social networks. You can use it for your business needs. Can you make photos of your products? If yes, Instagram is a perfect place for sharing previews of your products and instructions to use it with your potential customers. Thanks to Facebook is the biggest Social Network, your post about your eCommerce store and products will see plenty of users. Give it a try to find more customers for your store!

Hope that these main marketing tips will be helpful for your eCommerce business. Have you your own advice? Share them in comments!


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