No More Abandoned Shopping Carts: Decrease The Negative Rates in Your Store

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It’s time to talk with merchants about the reasons for abandoned shopping carts, one of the most common problems of the majority eCommerce websites. Also, in today’s blog post, we’ll clear up how to decrease cart abandonment rate and motivate users to complete the ordering process.

In this day and age, an ability to make purchases and book services has become easier than ever. And thanks to the Internet for such a pleasure! It has significantly simplified the daily routine of people and enriched entrepreneurs around the globe. Nevertheless, everything is not so smooth as it may seem. Millions of webshop owners (even the most successful ones) face different issues regularly, and abandoned shopping carts trouble is one of the most common and challenging ones.

Why Do Visitors Escape?

Let’s imagine an ordinary situation: a buyer visits a store, selects products, and suddenly escapes, leaving the shopping cart filled with a commodity. Which factors force them to close a site? Let’s consider the possible reasons for the negative tendency:

Ordering Process Takes Too Much Time

Actually, users strive to complete the ordering process as soon as possible. That’s why they hate to fill endless required fields and provide extra information. Also, as a rule, the mandatory registration drives them crazy, too. This leads to abandoned shopping carts.

Solution: analyze the process of placing an order and make it simpler that buyers could waste less time on it. Be sure not to request extra data related to a shopper.

Surprising Hidden Charges

When a purchaser looks through a catalog, they expect the price, indicated in a product page, won’t differ from the one in a shopping cart. If the reality doesn’t come up with expectations, users get upset and even angry when it comes to buying.

To solve the problem, provide information according to additional costs, fees, and taxes. Be sure to indicate actual costs and avoid unclear pricing.

No Pricing Indicated

Another cause is related to the websites where the merchant doesn’t set prices. For example, the catalog is quite large and costs for goods are constantly changing, so managers can’t cope with constant upgrading.

If a consumer wants to clarify the sum, they have to call managers. However, this method is not so pleasant to clients who probably don’t have time to call or just don’t strive to communicate right now. Also, there are cases when a customer service simply ignores a request. Such factors significantly increase the number of abandoned shopping carts.

So what to do? Of course, setting the actual prices is the best option for any online business. But if the task is complicated to accomplish, there is a nice advice. Try to indicate price and data when it was set. This way, buyers could find out at least the approximate cost for a good they’re interested in.

Poorly Organized Website

If your site is slow, confusing and frustrating for a visitor, nobody would enjoy it. Especially when it comes to product cart and ordering form.

The most valuable and useful advice is to keep an online store in order. Make it easy to navigate, intuitive, and attractive. Try to completely test your system. Does it satisfy you? So, eliminate bugs and please visitors with the smooth user experience.

Delivery Methods & Payment Systems Are Insufficient

It is an obvious issue that many owners forget about. If the needed shipping or payment method is not provided, a client will do shopping on another marketplace.

To avoid client escaping, add modules of various payment systems, provide convenient and popular shipping methods, especially if you deliver products worldwide.

Mobile Version Fails

This is another reason for abandoned shopping carts. According to the statistics, a huge amount of people shop using smartphones as the device is always by hand. Of course, nobody will buy goods in your shop as it’s impossible to browse and navigate.

Therefore, consider developing a mobile version of your eCommerce site and then assure that the development adjusts all screen sizes and works perfectly on any gadget.

No Interaction With Users

In case a client strives to clarify something important according to the production, shipping, or just has a request to you but can’t reach the customer service, say goodbye. The user will go to another webshop where managers provide high-quality service and carefully listen to them. As a result, the cart abandonment rate increases.

To make your eCommerce platform better, enable live-chat for a quick response and organize a profound customer service.

Negative Reputation

Imagine yourself a client who is about to purchase a commodity but then decides to search for some feedback on your company or reviews on production. Suddenly, it reveals that the enterprise has an awful reputation. What would you do? Of course, the only way is to escape this place as soon as possible! The visitors who find out about a bad reputation, do the same.

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of bad reviews but there’s always a chance to avoid them. The recipe for success is obvious: be responsible for the goods you sell to people, built a professional customer service, and always stay attentive.

Summing Up

Usually the above-described problems increase in the virtual storefronts, which keep making rude eCommerce mistakes and disappoint even the most dedicated consumers. Our team hopes you get more eCommerce knowledge and will definitely get rid of the unpleasant tendency. We want you to have no more abandoned carts. Good luck!

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