PWA for Magento

Why Magento wants to develop PWAs?

Magento Commerce is considered to be a successful company which is popular around the world and deals with digital commerce cloud innovation. And in the previous year, this company re-imagined mobile shopping experiences. As a result, now it is developing new Progressive Web Apps which are creating for Magento merchants.

PWAs benefits for Magento?

Magento sees a number of different advantages in using PWAs including:

–         faster and frictionless experiences of using PWAs;

–         increasing the size of traffic;

–         higher conversion rates;

–         bigger revenue volumes which will be provided for Magento merchants all over the world.

It also collaborates with Google to use its technical expertise and best practice insights which can be useful while developing Progressive Web Apps. And in this year Magento is going to bring native PWA abilities to the whole Magento Commerce community.

Reasons which make PWAs so useful for Magento

First of all, Magento has a mission – to build a modern web experience. That’s why it continues investing in the technologies which are necessary for creating such modern shopping experiences. And the best option for it is PWA. Naturally, mobile web traffic is going to be ahead of a desktop, but there are many reasons why its conversion rates are low.

However, in comparison with native apps, which only a few merchants want to download for using PWAs is something different. This application combines the features of both websites and mobile applications. Consequently, it offers its users the high level of responsiveness and effectiveness. You shouldn’t download or install PWAs in order to use them.

In the future, PWAs will certainly become the new standard for web interactions. The matter is that such applications try to use the innovative browser technologies in order to provide the accessibility of the web while having only a mobile application. In turn, for Magento Progressive Web Apps is a kind of innovation of the mobile web which can make commerce experiences for merchants as better as possible.

All in all, Magento decided to use PWAs not for nothing. There are a lot of reasons for it such as SEO-friendliness of PWAs, an opportunity to use it both online and offline, effectiveness, responsiveness and many others.

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