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This article will describe the specifics of testing in the Shopify CMS. There will be information from the general section, about the store view with blocks and sections, email check and test letter sending and letter preview.

View of the store with blocks and sections

At two screenshots below, you can see the Customize button (on the right side) after clicking it, we will open a new page, where QA can view the changes, and the developers check their work (see the screenshot below).

1 – View the page. Here you can choose and see the Store pages: category, product page, information pages.

2 – Sections that are connected on the page. Sections can be changed by order, hide or add new or duplicate (Customize is available only for the main page).

3 – Global changes for the whole theme: typography, text alignment, SEO settings and more.

4 – Site viewing modes are used to validate the adaptability.

As I see it, the best and easiest thing is to temporarily enable/post the topic you want to check, also do not forget to clear the cache and wait a couple of minutes when the changes are fully applied.

Email check

Settings -> Notifications -> A new window will show a list of email templates.

Test letter sending

Firstle, let’s add your email to the mailing list if you are testing the store for the first time.

Settings -> Notifications -> Below on the page will be this block, click Add recipient and add your own email.

Then click on the send test notification in front of your email and check it in the mail.

There is also another variant to test the email.

Select the email you want to check and click Send test email. And check the mail.

Letter Preview

Once you’ve selected a Preview, you can see its content with styles and content.

If you want to get more information, we recommend you to check also for this article: Shopify Admin Panel.

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