SSL Certificate: The Priority for Magento Security

If you wonder “Why do I need SSL Certificate?” we have a very extended answer. In case you consider that it’s not important, you’re so mistaken. In fact, it determines whether your user data is protected or not. So, in this article, we’ll explain what is SSL certification and why it’s so vital for your Magento store. Keep up to discover more.

The Principle Of A Secure Channel

SSL is a cryptographic protocol. What is the main target of the system? To cut it short, it secures information exchange through the Internet. In other words, SSL provides a secure connection between the user’s browser and server.

SSL Certificate is used by millions of websites worldwide. A visitor, opening your Magento store, leaves a lot of important data there. For example, name, address, login & password, email, credit card number and so on. And you, as a responsible merchant should maintain it as much as possible.

If a marketplace is protected, hackers won’t steal the valuable details. That’s why SSL Certificate is needed for the sites that collect information.

Moreover, even search engines fight with insecure pages. For example, Google doesn’t allow such sites to get the top rating. So, Magento SSL Certificate is more than important.

Secure Or Not: How To Identify

You must have noticed HTTP or HTTPS letters before site’s address. It refers to data transfer protocol on the Internet. Let’s decipher what does each of them mean:

  • The first is an ordinary protocol. HTTP is an insecure version, which transfers the client’s information without required protection.
  • HTTPS is activated after enabling SSL in Magento. This one encrypts the vital message, preventing it from frauds.

Who And Why Needs It?

Secure Sockets Layer is compulsory for the websites, which deal with any kind of user information. Especially, it relates to online stores, payment systems, social networks, various forums, banks and so on. Such organizations deal with essential data, which leakage threatens with huge problems.

So, if your Magento site proceeds personal data and conducts financial transactions, be sure to provide it. If you don’t know how to enable SSL in Magento, go this page to find out more. Improve your company’s reputation by decreasing risk for users.

How Does It Work?

It is known that a special key is the basis of any decoding. Thus, the message is delivered in the decoded form through HTTPS and then deciphered due to the key. HTTP version doesn’t provide this.

For example:

  • A customer wants to order on your Magento online store.
  • Then, they enter a credit card number to pay for an ordered well.
  • When an order is placed, the data is transferred on a web server.
  • Then, due to SSL, the protected connection is established.
  • User’s browser converts the card number into a random character set. Next step is sending encrypted data to a server.
  • The message is read using a key that is stored on the server.

Thus, even if hackers manage to steal the vital message, they won’t understand anything.

If after reading this article you decide to implement this certificate on your website, we know how to help you. Check our tutorial and find out how to enable SSL in Magento. This is easy even for not very tech savvy online store owners.

So, Why SSL Certificate Is Needed?

As noted before, this system is required to protect the customer’s data. Magento SSL certificate is highly important for any store that deals with customer data, especially when it comes to money transactions.

In addition, Google encourages you for this raising your marketplace position in search ranking. It’s definitely worth it. So, now you’re aware of why SSL Certificate is needed. Looking for more recommendations on making your Magento store more secure? Visit MageDirect website and get more useful tips.

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