The best ways of improving eCommerce user experience

Сreative improving eCommerce User Experience is important for any online business. With the help of it you can gain the value and loyalty of your customers and at the same time increase the general revenue. So, let’s consider some of the tricks which will help you in improving the user experience.

Abandoned cart recovery

One of the most important issues which are connected with improving user experience is abandoned carts. Your first task here lies in defining why customers refuse to continue the purchase and as a result leave your store. There can be various reasons for it, for example, they are not satisfied with a return policy or checkout form of this store. In order to find out the reasons, you can use UX testing tools.

When you know the common reasons you should do something for recovery of these abandoned carts. The most appropriate way is sending a link to such buyers but it is better to make it interesting in order to attract attention. You may also propose some discounts for goods which are now in abandoned carts.

Add some personalization

If you want to have good ROI and retain your customers you should add some personalization touchpoints. A great example of it is giving them an opportunity to create so-called wish lists. Moreover, you can provide them with information about delivery in the region where they are located now.


Many online stores also experience such a practice as offering the customers recommended products, the list of which is created due to the goods a user was earlier interested in. There are some other variants but here everything depends on your imagination. Think about what can be interesting for your customers in order to make better their UX.

Create a mobile app for your online store

It is essential to allow customers to buy goods using mobile phones. For some people it is a more convenient while, for example, others can have no access to laptops because they travel. That’s why for every online retailer it is necessary to adjust eCommerce business to various devices and provide people with the opportunity to buy where and how they want.


Simplifying the checkout process

You should make a lot of effort to make the checkout process of your store simpler. But it is worth it. First of all, you should reduce the steps in order to allow your customers to complete the purchases faster. There is no need for bombarding them with upselling items, you can do it later. You know that people don’t like complicated online transactions so simplify them and eCommerce user experience will be much better.

For improving user experience, you may take such steps which are connected with the checkout process as:

  • fill up information about shipping (opportunity to choose the standard or the expedited form);
  • let your customers know about all prices (not only for goods but also for shipping and tax fees) and include this information to the shopping carts;
  • shopping carts should be visible on all pages in order to allow customers to access to it any time;
  • let your clients see the date when their delivery will come to them;
  • recommended and inventory products should be easily visible for customers because maybe they will want to buy something later. It is also important to allow them to see when the certain product will be available if it isn’t in stock now;
  • allow your customers to choose any payment option which is common among many people including PayPal payment option.

Do not forget about customer reviews

Customer reviews show your potential clients that people like your product and your brand is valuable. It proves that all your goods are of high quality and people spend less time thinking to buy it or not. Due to reviews, people can see what products are bestsellers.

Feedbacks are very appreciated by people because it shows that others bought something and are satisfied with it. It is better to place customer reviews on the product pages. Or you can also make it more prominent on your home page for people to see it immediately and make them confident in your products. With the help of honest and positive reviews, you can even increase your conversions.

Give your customers an opportunity to see how your product works virtually

It can also make better UX because you show how it would look like in reality. And you can use here augmented reality. Be sure, people will certainly buy your products after imagining them with the help of such a technology.

Provide customers with the best customer service ever

Customer service is very essential and you should do everything for improving it. Note that it is important to place such contact information as telephone number and email in a visible location. Thus you allow customers to contact you every time they have problems or questions. And it will surely improve their UX.

What is more, some eCommerce websites don’t have the section which is called FAQ (frequently asked questions). It is not right to ignore it because in this section customers can find the information which they haven’t found on your page. It is convenient both for them and for you. But try to not overload it. Only necessary information should be included.

Self-service customer support can be also a good idea. There is no need for you to have personal interaction with your customers. People will benefit from it because sometimes they should wait for a consultant when there are a lot of calls in support lines. As for you, it can be also very useful because you shouldn’t spend money on support staff. Do not forget of using a friendly customer service tone in all pages of your online store.


Use advantageously social media networks in various possible ways (How can you benefit from influential people)

First of all, you can create a new process of signing in with the help of a social sign-in feature. A Facebook bot can be very useful for you because it not only helps you in automating order confirmation but can increase upselling. There are special chatbots which deliver automated messages to people and thus ensure great customer support.

Secondly, you can communicate with your customers through various social media networks. The most popular today are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Here you can promote your products and at the same time solve some issues with your customers. So, better eCommerce customer experience can be achieved in such a way.

Make your transaction emails friendlier and more informal

Your transaction emails are as well significant as the content which is placed on your online store. UX also depends on it. After completing a sale your clients receive such emails and they should be satisfied with them. It is not useful to make them very formal. Think about what customers feel after this sale and personalize the emails due to it. Friendly tone is more appropriate because people want to be treated as equals.


To sum it up, we hope that these pieces of advice will make UX of your customers better. There are different strategies but these are the most effective. Remember that your conversions, sales, and revenue depend on eCommerce user experience. So, do your best to improve it!

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