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Magento is a great system for eCommerce. Extensive opportunities allow web developers create the perfect online store. Due to an appropriate commercial component, the system is not vulnerable and does not contain bugs which help users to experience smooth site performance.

You should be very responsible when choosing a Magento hosting provider. It affects your online store in many ways including resistance to loads, uptime, protection, etc.

Actually, Magento is considered to be quite a complicated and resource-intensive CMS, usually used by large-sized enterprises. Therefore, speaking about a specific requirement, we can highlight php_memory_limit not less than 512 Mb for the first Magento version and more than 1Gb for the second one.

Types of web hostings

There are 5 the most common types of web hosting services:

  1. Shared Web Hosting holds multiple sites on one web server. This is the most economical and beneficial type for small projects, brochure type sites or other ones with low traffic.
  2. Dedicated Web Server means renting one physical server. This is the best type for rapidly growing business with high traffic.
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides a user with a virtual server including the maximum privileges. VPS emulates the operation of a dedicated physical server. Using this option, you get rid of troubles caused by your hosting neighbors that probably negatively affect the performance of your own site. In addition, with VPS you avoid the cost of a dedicated server.
  4. Nowadays, Cloud Based Web Hosting is the most dynamic system allowing multiple individual servers work together. It is designed to give businesses the tools to effectively manage online projects and data, turn a company into a local intranet, an informative website or a full-fledged powerful online store.
  5. Reseller Web Hosting is one of the ways to sell hosting services. The owner of a physical server splits it into several parts for the purpose of reselling them to other hosting providers. This type is for those who plan to sell web hosting as a business.

The best Magento hosting providers

Amazon Web Services  


AWS is a cloud-based web hosting that is perfect for marketing, multimedia placement, e-commerce or other purposes. The registration is free – pay only for services!

Digital Ocean   

The platform provides preparation services and cloud hosting for programmers allowing them to deploy and scale applications on multiple computers. Digital Ocean guarantees the greatest uptime that is very important for any site.


Many developers share that Vultr is similar to Digital Ocean. Actually, it is a great alternative offering you much easier registration (there is no need to take a picture with a passport), 14 data centers and lower prices.

Google Cloud Platform


This is the giant system uniting 7 regions, 20 zones, more than 100 points of presence and well-prepared global network. You can choose a managed application platform, use container technologies for more flexibility, or create your own highly controlled cloud infrastructure.


According to the users’ feedbacks, Linode is the reliable, convenient and quite a productive system. Support and recommendation are on a very high level.


Rackspace is a renowned hosting provider offering services on the cloud model. The service is aimed at small companies and startups. Excellent technical support for users (not only of a premium status) and reasonable price&quality ratio are guaranteed.


ZeroLag developers promise perfect performance, reliability and profound security in case of important e-commerce operations.

It is aimed at companies of any size. ZeroLag Magento hosting provider is customized according to particular requirements of the business.



Nexcess is the perfect solution for medium-sides companies. It offers reasonable prices, guarantees great performance and provides its customers with 24/7 support.


It is a fully managed and integrated system providing its clients with high-availability features and white-glove support, perfect for high traffic e-commerce and media websites. In addition, offers a month free trial.  

Cogeco Peer1


Cogeco Peer 1 is a global provider of business technology platforms. The hosting provider offers plenty of plans and hardware configurations to follow your demands.


Anchor guarantees the very best performing for your online store. This provider includes fully automated code deployment, simple self-service roll back and environment cloning.


MageMojo designers promise the smoothest shopping experience. Online store’s pages open with a lighting speed. Also, the hosting provider will protect your site from intrusions and hacks.

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is an ideal solution especially if you have a low traffic. Even if you’ve never launched a site before and you’re not a professional web developer, A2 Hosting programmers will definitely help you to meet all the requirements.

To sum up

Remember that hosting reliability has a huge influence on your website performance and, therefore, it significantly affects the success of your business. So, we recommend you to check different options in order to customize the most suitable one. Good luck!

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