Who is Magento Certified Developer?

Magento Certified Developer is someone, who has a special status and a guarantee of his knowledge. But which are the types of certification and the features? Are you planning to hire Team of Magento Dedicated Developers? We will take a look at all the types of Magento Certificates!


Everyone can become Magento Certified Developer, it not depends on your location, gender or work experience. You just need to have enough knowledge for completing all tasks. It exists four types of certificates, three of them are for improving skills of Magento eCommerce developers and the last one is for business users. Let’s review each of them!

Solution Specialist

Magento Certified Solution Specialist (MCSS) is only the one non-development certificate. This exam includes knowledge of Magento website elements (catalog, payment, shipping, etc.) and eCommerce in general. This certificate will be useful for checking knowledge of eCommerce consultants and project managers.

Front End Developer Certification

Do you want to become Magento Certified Developer in the Front End area? It is your chance! You can be sure, that developers with such certificate are experts in User Interface (UI). It will show the ability to create Custom Magento 2 Themes with the great result.

Developer and Developer Plus Certificates

We have combined these options because of they are similar. The main distinction between Magento Certified Developers and Magento Certified Developers Plus is in the difficulty of the second one. Exam for Developer Plus includes 15 more questions, additional 30 minutes and is based not only on the Magento Community Edition 1.9, but also on Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14. If you think that you know everything about Magento eCommerce platform, you have a chance to prove it!

By the way, MageDirect Team includes 4 Magento Certified Developers Plus. We know how to develop Magento stores in the best way. Want to be sure in the quality of your project development? Contact us and we would be glad to discuss your business needs in greater details!

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