Who uses Magento?

Who uses Magento among your partners and competitors? Nowadays, Magento platform is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. So why merchants choose this platform and who they are? Let’s make an investigation for getting an answer: who are the Magento users.


Who uses Magento instead of other eCommerce platforms? Most of the eCommerce users know about the popularity of Magento platform. But what about statistical data? If to believe BuiltWith statistics, we can see that Magento takes the second place in the top of websites, using of eCommerce platforms. Surely, every year it appears more and more eCommerce platforms. That is why taking the top positions is too difficult, but thankfully updates on the regular basis, Magento is preferred by more than 240 000 (!) merchants around the world

Statistics for websites using eCommerce technologies

The most well-known companies

Looking at the pie chart, we see the popularity of Magento platform, but who uses Magento among the companies with the worldwide reputation? I am sure that you know and probably bought products from the next companies: Samsung, Nike, Ford, Land Rover, Huawei, The North Face etc. So why are you still not on this list?

Physical locations of merchants

Let’s take a look at the next parameter: business location. As we can see, every third entrepreneur, who uses Magento, has business at United States (it is not a full list of countries). We can suppose that this is because of the population in the USA and because of Magento headquarters are from there, but who knows real facts.

Statistics for Magento merchants

Entrepreneurs, who look to the future

The category of people, who use Magento, can be named in only the one sentence: merchants, who use Magento benefits for creating projects for fitting their business needs. eCommerce entrepreneurs, who made a detailed investigation, choose Magento because of the list of advantages. It includes specialization for eCommerce, open source platform, optimization Magento and SEO, plenty of customizable themes and many other features.


To sum up, Magento eCommerce platform has lots of followers, so why you can not become one of the merchants, who use Magento? Just contact us, we will help you to become the owner of one of the above famous stores!

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