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Choosing the most appropriate eCommerce platform for your online store is of vital importance, as it has a crucial impact on the whole business. Why we use Magento for these purposes? Ask our clients! All biggest brands understand why Magento is the best eCommerce platform for their needs because of its flexibility and many other reasons. So, here is the list of Magento advantages which work wonders:


Adapt fast, sell more and stay ahead! These are the main ideas of Magento. In the time when consumer`s behavior is changing every day, you can modify your website with Magento according to the needs. You can set, manage and adjust new features to your products. For example, that is not a big deal to maintain different groups (for instance, wholesalers and retailers) to see different prices on the pages. If you ask why Magento is so ease in use, the answer is short – it is written in PHP.


That is not a secret, why Magento is extremely popular. At the present time, it has market share of 29,8% among 30 most popular platforms. So, it’s hard to deny how significantly famous it is. Another factor which makes everyone to prefer Magento is global brands like Nike, Samsung and Ford which favour this platform.

Highly-qualified support

As it was mentioned before, Magento serves all unique needs of users. That happens thanks to the philosophy of openness and customization built by volunteers and IT developers of Magento. That is why Magento is something more than a simple platform. It has become a brand, which offers you certified experts to help you get to market faster.

Outstanding and responsive design

Buyers more and more prefer to use smartphones and tablets for purchasing rather than PC. Thus, online shop can be competitive if only it has responsive layout. In other words, supplied interface must be easy to handle on all devices from tablets and smartphones to PCs. That is why Magento merchants should not worry about the responsiveness of their website, Magento has taken care of that.


The next one important point why Magento is the best platform for your eCommerce business is the level of security.There are plenty of ways to secure your Magento store. You just need to update your version, install needed patches and read our post about ways to secure your Magento Store. Anyway, our Team of Full Stack Magento developers  will help you to protect your site from scammers!

Multiple stores

Why Magento store should be only the one? It is only your choice how much stores you will have. You could manage multiple stores from the one instance. Why Magento? Because it is a perspective for your future business. You just need to start from the first store and to increase your business in future.

eCommerce toolkit

With Magento, you are provided with a full eCommerce toolkit beginning with shopping cart and ending with user account. It has ground-breaking management, marketing system and product management. Moreover, Magento is capable of maintaining almost unlimited amount of websites simultaneously.

Magento is not adjusted to your needs, it is rather a system that you can adjust to make it ideal for you. Thanks to its diverse range of functions and extensions, you can do everything to get the maximum out of your business. Have you still question “Why Magento is the best?”Just start using Magento, and you will understand right away that you have an access to a huge pool of opportunities which you won’t find using another platform. MageDirect Team will be always glad to let you know on practice why Magento is a right choice for your business needs!

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