Working AI Trends in the Fashion Industry

AI’s Drivers of Change

Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms the fashion industry and delivers to retail businesses state-of-the-art solutions based on Big Data and Machine Learning interaction. Fashion AI helps to predict new trends that will matter for the coming months. AI solutions are unique and can be used by retail outlets, online shops, fashion displays, and designer clothing.

Have you ever think about AI solutions as drivers of change in the fashion industry? If you are FAST, you are the king in retail and apparel sales. Alibaba, a leading E-commerce company, invests $15 billion in AI to double clothing sales next year. Last year, 25% of online fashion retailers faced bankruptcy unable to communicate with shoppers and detect their needs. In this case, AI is more than the process of introducing newness into the clothing industry. In fashion, “standing out” means knowing market demands and recognizing customers’ expectations.

Most Popular AI Trends in Fashion

AI trends reflect technological changes and new solutions for clothes retailers and shoppers. In 2019, the majority of shoppers will interact with clothing retailers without human interaction. And it is high time for you to implement AI in your retail business. We will list the top AI trends in 2019 that will matter most for fashion marketers.

Similar Product Recommendations

If you need to examine consumer behavior patterns and buying preferences, we will advise you to implement Neural Network Architecture. As a fashion retailer, you will have a possibility to match similar attributes of products viewed by shoppers including visual patterns and recent trends. This algorithm allows customers to pull products that match their needs including colors, sizes, cuts, brands, etc. Also, many online retail shops have already integrated the algorism known as “assembling outfit recommendations”: interactions vs serendipity. Just do the same!

Customer Purchase Predictions

Fashion retailers improve product search functions and extend the ways shoppers search for products based on AI. As industry experts, we recommend fashion owners to make use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) that recognizes synonyms, typos, incorrect words and provide autocorrect suggestions to potential customers. Voice search and voice recognition are the main innovations adopted by Netflix and Nordstron which help them to extend the way their clients search products. The AI “recommendation engines search” is easier and more convenient for shoppers.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

With virtual assistants and chatbots, you will assist customers and website visitors around the clock. Shoppers like support and assistance. Human-like interaction helps customers to choose the best product: colors and size. The best examples of chatbots used by fashion gurus are Rakuten’s Fit Me, or Amazon’s Echo smart devices. With chatbots, buyers feel love and care. Be responsive to the people who loyal to you and you will increase your sales by 300%. Asos and Levi’s use similar solutions for the last five years.  

Visual Search and Customization

Visual search will help you to use thousands of images and videos based on computer vision. The main tools to attract customers are automated wardrobes, new styles on the market, new fashion trends prediction, novel search algorithms for large fashion catalogs. Visual search for fashion e-commerce includes fashion image understanding and auto-tagging of apparel.

Virtual Personal Stylists

Many fashion retailers maintain high standards of service proposing shoppers style advice and wardrobe renewal. Your customer fills a style profile and AI picks clothing to fit his/her tastes, needs and price expectations. Just imagine! AI personal stylist helps a customer with perfect shoes by tracking sales history without human involvement. Artificial mind in retail detects and forecasts fashion trends. AI-powered wools help retail shoppers to develop tools for analytics, interactive textiles, and digital wardrobe. AI clothing can help to predict fashion trends analyzing data from social media sites and fashion blogs.

Market Intelligence and Trends Forecasting

Many fashion retailers develop unique cutting-edge technological solutions for corporate customers including customized communications and trends forecasting. AI robots work on designers’ tasks, trends forecasting, and data analysis. AI in 2019 improves connections with customers and interaction with potential buyers. AI powers both creativity and productivity.

Anticipatory Logistics

AI trends are developing and evolving each day, and retailers have to build a customer-centric business to remain competitive. AI will help you to predict sales volumes and ensure product supply and warehousing with more accuracy. If you use AI for Big Data, you integrate the most innovative solutions to retail business including demands analysis, forecasting, and planning. Real-time inventory tracking and RFID and warehouse management unable fast and efficient decision-making based on AI solutions.

AI trends 2019 and digitalization help fashion marketers to create a conceptually new approach in seasonal collections and demand forecasting, store clustering, supplier network management, store layout definition, etc.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

It is time to reassess everything you’ve been doing and find ways to create a competitive advantage. Without integrated AI in fashion, you will miss opportunities in sales and work efficiency. If you integrate AI with your fashion business, you will take retail to the next level and delight shoppers with fact-based intelligence. Be sure, your competitors are also searching for newly developed trends to attract more shoppers on a global scale.

Be Ahead of your Time with AI!

Brands who invest heavily in AI improve their communication with customers and change the way their management work on the backstage. Retail giants spend millions on AI. Machine learning and personalized e-Commerce deliver benefits at a lower cost, smaller size, and higher speed. In the fashion industry, AI boosts business productivity. AI is a strategic tool for fashion business in 2019 that revolutionize retail worldwide. AI-powered solutions are a perfect fit for you!

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