Nowadays, companies’ heads are very into the latest technologies aimed at business process automation. An appropriate platform for electronic marketing will help you to set up a sales funnel, segment the market, fix sales scripts for managers, etc. At the same time, it guarantees to reduce the number of abandoned cards, increase customer loyalty and the average check.

Mautic is considered to be the leader in marketing automation software. The platform with open source is successfully used by more than 100 000 companies around the world.

Main characteristics

So let’s define the most important characteristics of the platform.

The Mautic’s capabilities include:

  • integration with social networks;
  • marketing campaign management;
  • relationship management;
  • electronic communications;
  • available forms and questionnaires;
  • allows you to identify potential customers;
  • provides a set of tools to keep your clients.


Mautic Dashboard lets you control various processes, check statistics and get main information about your contacts and last activities. Also, you may choose a time period to see all the updates and statistics.


On the contact page, you may add various information about the contact and even create new fields, that will be better describe a person. Surely, it is also possible to add his photo.


Contact history

On the bottom of the contact page, take a look at the options, such as History, Notes, Social, etc. That’s all show activities with your contact and even can be exported. Each step is under the control!


When you create a new company, you can also add extra fields, that will better describe this company. But basically, Mautic has a large number of main fields, that will be enough for description.



In comparison with alternative marketing automation software, Mautic has several benefits:

1. Mautic is easy to setup
It takes only three simple steps. You can install Mautic Free on your own server without any paying or rent a server with a deployed system in the Google cloud.
2. Unlimited integrations and customizations
Integrated solutions are the requirement of contemporary IT market that simplifies the company’s infrastructure.
3. Data Control
You are able to completely control your data for free, and you won’t be charged to access it.
4. Marketing campaigns
The system provides you with numerous tools that will help you to organize marketing campaigns. Mautic simply automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts.
5. Customers’ tracking
Tracking includes page views, time spent on site, and specific interests of clients. Also, it allows you to interact with potential clients and find out more about their needs.
6. Mautic segments  
Segments, that can be configured from a variety of fields, are aimed at organizing your contacts. Actually, it is not complicated to manage.

To sum up: What is Mautic?

It is a simple and easy-to-use automation system for electronic marketing. Using it, you can personalize and integrate all the digital properties and channels into a customer experience. The very best results are achieved due to the modern approach to marketing automation.

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