Are you planning to run an online store? Or maybe already have one? Are you interested in an appropriate eCommerce platform for manufacturers? In this article, we are going to tell you about a flexible and extendable open-source application to manage your business easily. Stay with us to find out more!

Worth knowing: Business to business

For the recent decade, the system “Business to business” (B2B) has become extremely widespread on the European market. Actually, this is the process when one business makes a commercial transaction with another. For example, they provide each other with accompanying services, additional equipment, as well as goods intended for the production of other ones for professional use.

The B2B platform combines solutions for suppliers and customers, integrating them into a single system based. The success of the business is greatly influenced by the chosen platform. So, it is very important to select the appropriate system.

OroCommerce is considered to be one of the best platforms for B2B companies with built-in CRM and third-party application integrations. This is the flexible and structured for developer open-source application.

This is a web application which runs on a server. To interact with OroCommerce, you have to use web browser, computer or mobile device provided with the Internet or the network where the server is hosted.












Reports & Segments




The OroCommerce features’ list is very huge:

  • corporate account management;
  • content management;
  • permissions;
  • showcasing specific catalogs;
  • product bundle;
  • customer portal;
  • access controls;
  • displaying unique price books;
  • creating custom workflows for different customer groups.


OroCommerce provides you with tools to attract customers:

1. Publication of the products catalog on different websites, thematic resources, and social networks.
2. Cold calls, e-mail distribution lists.
3. Notification the customers with deferred orders or abandoned baskets.
4. Notification clients with on notification of new supplying.

It is easy to form an order flow. OroCommerce suggests:

1. Advanced navigation system for goods: classifier, search and filtering.
2. Formation of the list of ordered products.
3. Registration of the order with the description of delivery methods providing mutual settlements.

Who needs OroCommerce?

The platform is intended for both mid- and large-sized B2B enterprises selling online. it would be the great solution for:

  • manufacturers
  • wholesalers
  • distributors
  • brands
  • retailers

Are you excited? So chose the best B2B commerce platform and take your business online. We assure you that OroCommerce would be a great solution.

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