First of all, OroCRM was created for fitting the needs of many companies which are looking for the right CRM platform. Nowadays many commerce companies have similar problems, including:

  • Difficulties in getting a single view of the customers using several channels;
  • Their teams which deal with selling products don’t have appropriate conversations with customers;
  • Marketers face the challenge which is related to segmenting customers in a meaningful way;
  • Their reporting often has the lack of main customer and prospect metrics;
  • These companies sometimes get the products that lack the flexibility and don`t fit their accurate business process.

But OroCRM is going to solve all these problems.

Main characteristics

Let’s start with the OroCRM review. In general, this platform can be useful for many developers and companies because it will give them a powerful tool for building custom business applications.

So, there are two kinds of OroCRM customers which need help. Firstly, it is an online retailer who appreciates his customers that’s why he wants to provide them with an excellent customer experience they ever have had. And secondly, it is a multi-channel commerce company. It has several channels and, consequently, potentially several businesses. These two types of customers will be provided with a single view of their business which they need. All in all, OroCRM deals with such industries as financial services, Internet, and IT/Services.



OroCRM Dashboard can help you get information and reports about revenue, customers activity, purchase funnel, orders and new Magento users. Moreover, you can have a look at eCommerce statistics which includes revenue, orders placed, discounted orders, average order value, abandoned revenue and abandoned carts. You can also choose the data range and if it is necessary you can compare it with the previous period.


In this section, you can get informed about all data about your customers such as contacts (both e-mail addresses and mobile numbers), owners, business units when the account was created and updated and tags.



Here you have an opportunity to find out more about leads, opportunities, Magento shopping carts, Magento orders and Magento credit memos. As for shopping carts, it is useful because you can easily see its status and items quantity.


This section contains tasks, calls, contact requests, cases and calendar events. So, with the help of it, you can manage workflow effectively and track every step of your employees.



In this chapter, you should create marketing lists, for example, customer list, different campaigns and email campaigns and the list of tracking websites.

Reports and Segments

Here you create different reports and activity lists. Thanks to it you can evaluate the size of executed work.



Nevertheless, OroCRM is quite useful and effective solution. With the help of it, you can solve any business problem because it is created to fit all business requirements.

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