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Any successful online store has to be updated and improved regularly. For example, it’s important to edit and update product cards data to provide customers only with current information. If you own a large catalog, its managing takes a lot of efforts and time. So, in order to ease merchants’ routine, particular programs for goods managing were developed. And a versatile Pimcore is one of them.

Short Review

Pimcore is the powerful and reliable system with an extensive functionality, including data and user experiences managing. Pimcore is written in PHP and based on Symfony Framework 3. This is the free open-source system that can be easily integrated with various business enterprise systems or external third-party apps.

The web-based application provides information & digital data management, website editing, and eCommerce administration. Now it is successfully used by more than 80,000 companies, which pay no license fees for it.



The Pimcore dashboard allows you to check reports of changes related to documents, assets, and data objects in the last 31 days. Also, a merchant can add other portlets, for example, feed, Google Analytics, Piwik, and custom report.

If you need an extra dashboard, you can easily add it in Pimcore, too.

Homepage Editor

Use Seemode to look through your homepage and then readily open it in Pimcore to edit anything you want. It is an extremely useful and convenient feature to fix content in an easy way.


Control Over Orders

At this Pimcore page, you can check all the details related to orders, including customer data, delivery information, and payment method.

Product Options

There you can provide the complete bulk edit, for example:

  • manage publication status;
  • rename items;
  • change the regular price and article number;
  • change SEO name;
  • export products;
  • define size and color, etc.

Organize Item Data

In addition, you can open a single product page to edit an item more thoroughly. At the first tab, you can view data quality summary of a good. As Pimcore is multilingual, it is possible to edit a product in several languages.

Attributes tab: edit name, prices, description, and material details. Add a YouTube video or upload it, attach PDFs for instruction and 360 overview option.

Base Data: manage article number, size, gender, and EAN-code. Attach a product to category, features, technologies, and collection.

Material and appearance: select color, material composition; upload images for each color.

Product specific attributes: you may choose it if needed.  

Cross Selling: add related products.

Virtues of the Platform

  • Merchants are able to handle a wide range of different information types;
  • Pimcore operates at a lighting speed even if an online store contains an extended range of products;
  • Pimcore is cross-platform, so it operates in any browser and can be adjusted to the smartphone’s screen;
  • As Pimcore is the open-source system, it gives merchants freedom in creating new ideas. Integrate new solution to make the platform more suitable for specific needs;
  • Due to an excellent flexibility, it is possible to customize the appearance of the admin panel to particular processes and tasks;
  • Merchants can control any changes and moreover return to any version of the Pimcore document at any time.

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