This article is written for merchants who have or just planning to create a WordPress based site and want to make it a prosperous online store. You’re welcome! We’ll provide you with all the necessary information about a reliable and well-known plugin called WooCommerce. Stay tuned!

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free open-course plugin for eCommerce that was developed for flexible WordPress integration. Since 2011, the year of the system’s release, it has become extremely popular due to its simplicity of setting up and free product’s basis.

Turn to an amazing statistic: to date, the plugin powers precisely 30% of all online stores around the world that is more than any other system. It is used in about 2 000 000 websites.



This page shows everything related to the orders. You may find the following information: date, status, the address of shipment, total costs and more information if to visit order page. Also, you can press screen options and choose which parameters you want to see and which is better to hide.


Coupons are a great marketing campaign if you want to increase your sales. Don’t let your customers forget about your store! All the main info you may find on the Coupons page, such as coupon amount, the ability of free shipment, coupon expire date, etc.



On the Subscription Events page is displayed the following information: Sign-up Revenue, Renewal Revenue, Resubscribe Revenue, New Subscription, Subscription Switches, Subscription Ended, Current Subscriptions, etc.


One of the main pages in WooCommerce is, surely, Products page. You can manage how it will look like, number of products per page and many more. Make products page as comfortable as possible for your customers!



As in WordPress, WooCommerce has various extensions, that can improve your online business. Find out more about what exactly you can add for being aware of competitors!

WooCommerce Features

1. A wide range of free&premium extensions
Extensions allow to customize the option according to specific needs, improve functions, make the site better for clients, and integrate it with different services.

2. You will be definitely informed
There are plenty of detailed manuals informing you about everything you should know.

3. Ease to use
As a rule, most of the people who worked with the system share that the plugin is quite easy to use. If you have no experience of working with admin panel, there is almost nothing to learn. You really don’t need to know any code at all.

4. Complete control
Control any information, including managers’ work and the reserve quantities in stock. Add and remove extensions, change themes and settings. It’s all yours.

5. Google Analytics integration
Provide information collecting about visitors and their actions on site, which will help to make the work of the online store better.

6. Goods’ estimation
The option popularizes the system of real feedback increasing the level of trust in your store. Consequently, it attracts new buyers.

7. Wide options of payment
The plugin supports the majority of bank cards. Moreover, more than 140 regional payment gateways are integrated with it.

8. Delivery services
Various options for shipping on low tariffs, including free delivery are provided. The plugin supports dropshipping.

9. PC and mobile optimization
The option guarantees smooth work on any device.

10. Search Engine Optimization
A very important feature for marketplace success: SEO optimization will increase your position in the SERPs among competitors.

11. Support
24/7 support by real people. But there is no free access. You have to pay to get a forum.

12. Great community
The Internet is filled with various decisions made by third-party developers. In order to pay a programmer for writing a plugin or creating a functional, just find a solution project on forums. It will significantly economy your time and money.

In addition, a lot of meetups and conferences are organized in many counties where WooCommerce developers share their ideas, present new projects and just communicate. So, the plugin’s community is large.

WooCommerce VS Alternative Solutions

Many developers claim that WooCommerce is the very best decision for merchants. So, let’s compare it with alternative platforms and find out distinctive characteristics.

  • As we wrote before, WooCommerce is very easy to use even for beginners. Speaking about Magento and OpenCart, these systems require some time to learn how to manage them. In this criteria, WooCommerce is beneficial.
  • The plugin is constantly improved and developed. Unlike competitors, the system can be updated in one click like any WordPress plugin.
  • The system is thought to be appropriate for any online store size. Actually, if you want to run a large business, we recommend you to choose another platform (for example, Magento). WooCommerce is the best solution for marketplaces where are not so many products.


Use WooCommerce if you strive to solve the problem of pure sales capabilities, bad control of managers’ work and site’s performance at all. One of the most attractive benefits is a wide range of extensions for any needs.

So, if you’re interested in creating a reliable and stable online store with perfect performance, think about this option. It is would be a great solution for your marketplace.

If you need any assistance, be sure that our professional team is always there. Have questions to ask? Contact us and get consulted about everything you want to know. MageDirect company guarantees the high quality of services provided, project’s fulfillment as short notice and 100% client’s satisfaction. We will meet all your requirements and create a perfect online store of your dream!

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