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Solving eCommerce Challenges

Finding right and optimized eCommerce stacks for our clients is the main goal for MageDirect Team. On this page, we collect those, that we put in open source or offer as turnkey stacks.

The modern market

The modern eCommerce market represents new challenges for companies with incredible speed. Customers prefer using high-quality and popular services and giants like Amazon, eBay.
That is why they are setting new tasks for you to set eyes on your company.

To attract customers, you need to add more customer value to your company. It should be eCommerce stacks that will stand out among others. It has long been not enough to just launch a store. Depending on the type of business, merchants add various eCommerce web stacks and functionality that will allow them to get ahead of competitors, improve service and win the trust of customers. Merchants use сustom software, such as their own social networks for customers, unique loyalty programs, knowledge bases, etc.

Software ecosystem

The modern “ecosystem” of the store consists of many sites and services. At the result, the modern market is full of all kinds of services and programs for solving your business issues: CRM, Analytics, delivery optimization, etc.
In order for your greater earnings, you also need to regularly improve your eCommerce ecosystem in many ways. Plenty of characteristics affect your quality of work and revenue:

designers with eCommerce UX thinking

Technical stacks (your eCommerce store, high-quality UX design, website speed, etc)

designs for conversion purposes

Quality eCommerce marketing stacks aimed at customer needs


Providing convenient and fast payment method

certified google specialists





Fast online services (chat, help desks), etc.

Choose stacks correctly

It is important for the owner of eCommerce business to understand how a software stack solves its task, how much it will spend on a product or service, how much the investment will return (ROI).

In MageDirect, we choose an eCommerce stack for the client with full responsibility. For our Team, the most significant thing is to understand client’s expectations of results. Based on this, we choose stacks that may not be as “trendy” but more effective for a particular case.

Sometimes it makes sense to buy a SAAS subscription and solve most of the issues, sometimes development of own product is the best decision.

Our Open Source & Stack Components



It is difficult to imagine modern business without automation. And eCommerce is not an exception. Marketing Automation is your sales assistant, which helps to perform a large amount of routine work automatically.



Do you want to build own scalable Magento cloud hosting? Our team offers you to setup your own cluster with Magento 1 or Magento 2.

PIM system

PIM system

Do you want to have an integration with Product Information Management Software? We can propose you such stack!

PWA for magento banner

Progressive web apps


Progressive Web Apps for Magento with a custom template. We will create for you separate storefront based on Vue Storefront and integrate it with Magneto. Customization Services are included!

Сhoose yours platform

Your current Magento platform has become out of date and you are confused with the next steps? We can help you with analysis, settlement of doubts and choosing the right decision which will be optimal for the success of your store.

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