Magento and Akeneo PIM

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  • You have many products and you need to distribute information about them through different channels?
  • You need to provide data to the editing of products to different specialists and suppliers but access to Magento is inconvenient to give?
  • Your current system of importing products into Magento is not convenient enough or does it import goods for a long time?
  • In addition to Magento, do you have many other platforms where you sell or advertise your products?

These questions have an answer. You need a PIM platform. One of the best solutions for integrating with Magento is Akeneo PIM.
This solution is the best on the market for integration with MagentoOur team will help you easily implement this platform in your current eCommerce system and improve your business process by working with your product catalog.

What you get

  • Centralization of products management rendered in a separate system that integrates with the Magento store
  • Easy provision of access to your suppliers through a convenient system of permissions
  • Quick import of goods to Magento due to the qualitative Pimgento module
  • Fast Magento Akeneo integration with other eCommerce sites for quick access to a new market
  • A convenient web interface which your managers will easily understand

How it works

  1. Installing and configuring Akeneo PIM
  2. Magento PIM Integration using the PIMGENTO module
  3. Now you can edit the information about your products in Akeneo
  4. Product information is regularly imported from Akeneo to Magento

More info about Akeneo

More info about extension PIMGENTO:

About the solution

This solution includes the following list of works:

  • Akeneo PIM installation
  • Consultancy
  • Setting up integration with Magento or with another platform that you use for sale

Extending services

The MageDirect team can offer you the following customizations for this solution:

  • customization of the PIMGENTO module
  • development of the module for Akeneo
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