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It is difficult to imagine modern business without automation. And eCommerce is not an exception. Marketing Automation is your sales assistant, which helps to perform a large amount of routine work automatically.

Mautic, as an open source solution, is 100% customizable for your business workflow. Social Networks integration, Marketing and Management campaigns, forms, questionnaires, reports etc. Plenty of features, that you can use for increasing your sales. And all of them can be integrated with your Magento eCommerce store! No more tons of manual emails and forgetting about customers.

How it works

This integration synchronizes your customers between Magento and Mautic. In this way, you load your customers’ data from the Magento database into the web application – Mautic and perform any needed operations, that are available in Mautic, over this data

About the extension

At the moment, the module allows you to join Magento by API and send customer data. This module consists from simple settings, where you can specify your Mautic url, and API credentials. After that you will be able to export customers data to Mautic.

Magento 1:


Magento 2:

Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension

Extending services

This module can be expanded upon your request:

Here is a small list of functionality that can be added:

  •  synchronization of custom attributes of the client
  •  reverse synchronization of the client data after any action on the Mautic side
  •  sending notifications from Mautic to the Magento side
  •  performing specific actions on the Mautic side after events on the Magento side


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