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Your doubts

Current platform has become out of date, but the choice of a new one is not so obvious?

Should I migrate to Magento 2?

Should I migrate if only the design of the site should be changed?

Costs on current store development are too high.

A lot of technical solutions and integrations have been developed, the migration on which will take a long time.

Providing technical maintenance of the website takes too much effort. Just wants the store works affordably, that’s all.

The price of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a costly option.
But what if there is an alternative?

It is necessary to migrate, but there are risks for SEO. Vital to retain positions in organic search.


We have chosen 3 optimal solutions that we consider worthy of consideration

Magento 2

Upgrading your digital commerce site to Magento 2 has many obvious benefits.

When you upgrade to Magento Commerce 2, you get improved security and new design scope. Optimized web pages, more database flexibility and scalability, Increased efficiency for backend operations are those features that make Magento 2 indispensable for some stores.



Shopify – one platform with all the eCommerce inside. With the help of its features, you can start, run, and grow your business.
Integration with 2,200+ apps gives great opportunities and flexibility.
Shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business.
Completely cloud-based and hosted, with Shopify you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers.


Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront – ultrafast, offline-ready and platform-agnostic Progressive Web App.
Thanks to the Vue Storefront technology you can significantly improve your conversion rates and engagement while lowering bounce rates. It gives you an opportunity not to migrate, but to renovate and upgrade your existing store.

There are also other platforms, but we chose these 3 main solutions based on such criteria:

  • Number of tutorials
  • Community size
  • Number of developers, finding solutions speed
  • Speed of migration to the platform
  • Speed of development
  • Ready-made solutions and extensions quantity
  • Safety
  • Scalability

This choice is for such stores:

  • Middle, enterprise business.
  • Have sophisticated business logic
  • High demands to scalability
  • Have the need to implement own solutions

Is an optimal solution for you if:

  • You want to reduce the cost of technical support and do not update the store manually
  • You do not want to engage in hosting
  • Want to add improvements to frontend quickly
  • You have a store with a small number of products and categories

Will suit you if:

  • You are satisfied with your store, but you want to improve the design of the site
  • You want to make frontend more dynamic and convert it to Progressive Web App
  • You want to make your website more user-friendly to view from any device
  • You are satisfied with the admin panel of the current store and its business logic and don’t want to change the current dashboard.



Selection of Optimal Solution and Quote Preparation

Migration/ Development of the new store

Migration completed. Compare the results.

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What do you want to get

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