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Synchronize customer data from Magento to Mautic

magento 2 mautic

We have developed a new module that will allow synchronizing customers data from Magento 2 to Mautic.

Synchronization is done automatically after saving of customer in Magento.

Also, in this extension, there is an ability to create custom fields in the Mautic and Magento. If their code and type match, the data is synchronized with the Mautic.

With this module, you can send your user data to Mautic and perform the necessary work with this information in Mautic.

For example:

  • make bulk mail
  • track tweets of your users, their mentions of your company
  • create custom automation algorithm using the data of your users

You can purchase this module for Magento 2 in our store:

Alexandra Soloviova

Alexandra SoloviovaBusiness Development Manager

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