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We are Magento Experts and eCommerce Specialists

We are a team of eCommerce Specialists, which understands how to develop eCommerce Projects. We believe that success in eCommerce is first and foremost the proper selection of a team of specialists for the tasks and goals of the business. They need to understand your business processes and have the relevant set of skills for your projects. Therefore, we allocate a micro team specifically for your project, taking into account all the features of your business and processes.

We work with popular eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, Akeneo, etc and we can also develop custom solutions using JS and PHP frameworks especially for your industry or business type. The task of our team is to create eCommerce systems that help you to earn money and scale your company.

We have a full-stack core team, and it consists of all kinds of specialists. We will provide you with a quality development from UX design to a working store, optimize it for search sites and use all our personal lifehacks for digital growth. Leadership is also experienced Magento developers, who are certified experts.

Our eCommerce specialists participate in specialized conferences and constantly improve the skills to deliver you the best knowledge, and the quickest solution to your issues.

For customers who already have a store, we have all kinds of services to improve your store both from the technical side and from the marketing point of view. All our years of experience will serve you and we will protect you from mistakes.

Our strategy is to develop a transparent relationship with the customer that will lead to a successful partnership. We are a forward-thinking innovative team of eCommerce specialists that is based on integrity, efficiency and a thirst for improvement.

No matter if you request to build a unique Magento solution or just a simple web store, we stand by the quality of our products. At MageDirect, we pursue the goal to minimize risks and make each of our projects a guaranteed environment. To save your time and money, we apply the latest trends in eCommerce development and quality assurance.

Our Offices

CZ Headquarters


Prague, Czech Republic

UA Operations


Kyiv, Ukraine

UA DEV Center


Ternopil, Ukraine

UA Quality Assurance


Melitopol’, Ukraine

Our Core Team

Artur SkuliarProject Manager

Aleksandra TsymbalProject Manager

Olga ReznichenkoBusiness Development Manager

Valeria MiroshnichenkoBusiness Development Manager

Alexandr TsayukovHead of QA Department Responsibilities

Serhii OhrimenkoQA Engineer

Sergey GudymQA Engineer


Ruslan TsubinaQA Engineer

Dmytro RomankoQA Engineer

RUBEN ABRAMOVMagento Developer
Support Engineer

ANDREY PISARKOVMagento Developer


Volodimyr NovitskyMagento Developer

Lilya GogolevaMagento Developer

Serhii TsilioMagento Developer

Ihor PanchakMagento Developer

Igor PelekhatyyMagento Developer

SERGIY DMITRUKMagento Frontend Expert

Serhii ChernenkoMagento Frontend Developer

Serhii ZinchukMagento Frontend Developer

Roman KharchenkoWordPress Developer

Tat'yana DerevyankoWordPress Developer

Liliia BoiarkinaGraphic and Web Designer

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