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The Best Online Stores In The World: Revealing The Key To Success


What are the secret tricks of the best online stores? Today we will answer the questions related to the world’s prosperous and renowned shops. It’s time to discover more about the ways to reach the desired success in eCommerce businesses. Stay tuned.

According to the statistics, the majority of Internet stores tempt to close during the first year after foundation as a business doesn’t make a profit to an owner. Often, this happens due to the fact that the competition among brands in eCommerce is extremely intensive. The world’s market just refuses to admit ordinary and unremarkable shops, which will become thing of the past sooner or later. The other reason is quite obvious. A merchant with a poor marketing strategy and weak website will never see his brand name in the best online stores rating.

Thus, Internet business owners are eager to know how to build a successful online store and earn trust among needy customers all over the world. Analyzing competitors is always essential, especially when it comes to the most popular online stores, which have left a mark in the online trading history.

So, we listed the best online stores ever and highlighted its virtues, noting the short story of the origin and main features. Let’s get started!

1. Amazon

Amazon is considered to be the best online store for the last 20 years. The USA based company was founded in 1994 and named after the Amazon River. In a year, executives launched a website, which has become an irreplaceable pillar of the world’s eCommerce business.

From the very beginning, the enterprise was selling books, and only in a couple of years added music discs and video production into their catalog. Now one of the most popular online stores offers users to look through 34 product categories, which include almost everything a client wants to purchase. In addition, Amazon is an unparalleled example of classy dropshipping services.

Choosing Amazon to shop, buyers are pleased by:

  • cash-back offers
  • impressive reputation, approved by 20-year experience, guarantees the high quality of the commodity
  • an enormous range of goods and various production
  • the company makes everything possible to secure customers and avoid fraudulence
  • clients can easily return goods
  • an abundance of special offers, unique products
  • prices are lower than in offline shops
  • well-described product features in a shopping cart
  • user reviews for goods ordered in the best online store

2. eBay

It is another project, launched in far 1995 as an Internet auction website. Speaking about the idea of eBay creating, its founder just was looking for a captivating hobby, which turned into the business of his life. Having invested a lot of efforts and creativity, the owner noticed that more and more people want to sell and purchase.

At the very beginning, the website didn’t require any commission while alternative marketplaces asked at least for 35%. Specialists consider that exactly this fact attracted so many consumers.

Customers highly appreciate eBay for an ability to sell different stuff. They have a chance to easily sell new things or vintage ones on one of the most popular online stores of the 21st century. On this marketplace, you can find anything you want, just start browsing an extended catalog, carefully divided into categories. You can discover very unexpected and impressive items there.

The benefits of eBay:

  • low prices for goods
  • order the products which are not imported into your country
  • this is the real paradise for collectors
  • practical filters significantly ease shopping
  • sellers have a limited number of free listings
  • you can auction literally everything (of course, legal)
  • a lot of payment and shipping options

3. Alibaba

This is an inspirational story of the best online store on the Chinese market. The organization was based by a man who faced many difficulties on the path to success and the world’s recognition. Alibaba wasn’t a prosperous project for some time after foundation. But being young, purposeful, and quite stubborn, the owner with good marketing skills has become one of the richest human ever.These days, Alibaba Group provides retail trading and business-to-business model. The popular online stores, managed by the enterprise supply users with an immense amount of various sale items not only in China but in the whole world.

The site’s features:

  • the best online shop in China is multilingual
  • various international payment systems
  • international delivery (free or paid)
  • a lot of narrowly specific products
  • secure payment system (the seller won’t receive your money until the goods are delivered)
  • seller rating view and user feedback are available for everyone

4. Etsy

This seller-driven marketplace differs from the previous ones. Actually, Etsy is the best online store for handmade lovers, craftsmen, and talented artists. The platform allows them to sell their creative works. For example, home decor items, toys, unique clothing and accessories, and other pieces of art. So, people prefer Etsy when it comes to looking for an interesting gift made by someone’s hands.

The biggest highlights of the marketplace:

  • unique and creative sale items
  • no fees for account registration
  • marketplace is secure
  • no monthly payment
  • a seller is provided with Google Analytics tools

5. Zappos

In 1999, one man came up with an idea of creating an online business. It hit the future Zappos owner when he was desperately looking for an appropriate pair of shoes. Having become a real marketing giant, now Zappos is one of the best online shops. It is an example for other virtual storefronts.The brand’s site is good-looking and robust. Extended filter options allow managing almost any criteria from size & width to shoes’ closures. Moreover, there are even special categories of products for small or very tall people, with excess weight or thin ones. This way, the company shows caring for people, making the search for needed goods easier.

Purchasers adore Zappos for:

  • excellent 24/7 customer service
  • free returns during one year after ordering
  • an abundance of renowned brands releasing wearing apparel
  • no counterfeit
  • free and paid shipping options
  • extended filter options


Although the above-listed examples stand at the roots of online trading, it doesn’t mean that young brand won’t become one of such popular online stores. With a cost-effective idea, smart approach, and strong desire, you will definitely succeed in developing online store for your business. So, explore new sites, discover interesting features, and get inspired.

Anastasia Sydorchenko

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