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Top 10 Shopify Themes


Make your Online Store Unparalleled

When it comes to eCommerce trading, the appearance of a marketplace is extremely important. Pages design can attract users in a second or, conversely, alienate them. So, MageDirect team presents top 10 Shopify themes to make any website a captivating and profitable place.

How to Choose: the Key Tips

Before selecting a theme for online business, make sure that it has enough functionality and benefits among other options. Besides matching your brand and corporate identity, a theme should bring some vital features needed for development of a well-performing website.

A robust and easy on eye template should provide the following tips. A good theme is:

  • modern and nice-looking;
  • easy to customize;
  • responsive;
  • compatible with all browsers;
  • SEO optimized;
  • provide built-in settings panel that allows customizing a template according to your needs.

1. Fastor

Fastor is one of the best selling Shopify templates that is preferred by many store owners for a considerable functionality out-of-the-box.

With the eye-catching Shopify theme, you get 360-degree product review, integrated google translate option, advanced variant swatches, powerful MegaMenu, a fixed menu while scrolling, product compare, Ajax products and other immaculate features.

The good point is that you can select one of 80 Demo versions you like most and then customize it. Using a visual editor, you’re able to create a revolution slider (more than 140 templates are available).

Pricing: $56 – regular licence, $2500 – extended licence.

2. Palo Alto

Palo Alto is Ideal for stores with small inventories. Besides standard features, the development provides collage-style layout, customer testimonials, and hero video. The last one is used for storytelling. Place a short movie at the top of a homepage to interest the visitors at once they open your online store.

The smooth theme looks just awesome. It will suit your contemporary brand.

Pricing: $180. Free 14 day trial is included.

3. Split

This Shopify theme, created for visual brands with a story to tell, is favored by many merchants for its outstanding split screen design. The visitors that open such store for the first time, are amazed by captivating full-screen animations.

Actually, Split offers a bunch of benefits: large images optimization, customer testimonials, social feed grid, related products, vertical slideshow allowing to display goods, information, pictures, or blog posts, and much more! So, there’s nothing to talk, just go and try the perfection.

Pricing: $180. Free 14 day trial is included.

4. Ella

Ella is a responsive Shopify template that fits any screen size. It has an image slideshow to settle on a homepage, ajax layered navigation module, drop-down shopping cart, customer reviews, size chart, custom contact page, and so on.

Also, you can use banners to showcase new arrivals or top rated products to catch your visitors’ hearts. Enjoy the perfectly & beautifully mix and match colors and blocks in your eCommerce business.

Pricing: $56 – regular licence, $2800 – extended licence.

5. Minimal

Minimal is developed to make your Shopify marketplace look amazing no matter what type of business you run.

Outstanding features: parallax effect, homepage video, reliable product filtering, related products, product image zoom and others.

Create a modern and attention-getting Shopify store with a Minimal sharp design.

Pricing: $180. Free 14 day trial is included.

6. Atlantic

This theme will provide your Shopify store with a high-tech look and great level of flexibility in detail.

Atlantic scalable and subtle layouts please the store’s visitors with an unparalleled shopping experience. Quick buy option allows clients to order a product without reloading the current page. A homepage video is a great option especially if you’re thinking about keeping a blog on YouTube devoted to your brand and production. Slideshow allows demonstrating good’s images on the homepage, which draws the user’s attention.

Pricing: $180. Free 14 day trial is included.

7. Kodo

All the good-looking layouts are included in one theme. Just set it up and start customizing if you don’t feel like designing your online business from scratch.

You will get: mobile optimized design that resembles a native app, unlimited header styles and category layouts, tailored quick view, Instagram shop, etc.

To cut it short, Kodo will definitely please your customers with a wonderful shopping experience. A store owner will get an excellent flexibility and control.

In addition, Kodo developers guarantee that it is one of the fastest loading Shopify themes.

Pricing: $56 – regular licence, $3750 – extended licence.

8. Pipeline

This minimalist Shopify theme is built mainly for large catalogs. It offers multi-column menu, drop-down navigation support, full-width Instagram fee, modular-style home page, etc.

One of the most adorable features of Pipeline is a parallax effect scrolling. With this one, it feels like the smooth site “flies”. Also, it looks very sophisticated and spacious. Showcase your products on an amazingly clean background to maximize the potential of your goods.

Pricing: $140. Free 14 day trial is included.

9. Puro

This Shopify theme is the real catch for the merchants who are in love with a simple and at the same time elegant solutions. Puro provides a nifty slideshow, advanced filter category, responsive lightbox function, amazing blog page design, signup popup.

Puro would be fantastic for any Shopify store.

Pricing: $59 – regular licence, $2950 – extended licence.

10. Showcase

Ultra-modern Showcase template is built for stores with a small catalog. It is usually preferred by merchants for sticky navigation, fullscreen product gallery, multi-level menu, customizable content sections on homepage, built-in styles and color palettes, etc.

This mobile-friendly design is an excellent solution for merchants who want to manage an attractive and prosperous marketplace.

Pricing: $180. Free 14 day trial is included.

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