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Top 25 Shopify stores of 2018


What Is the Key to Success?

Are you completely run out of ideas for your online store? If you’re looking for some inspirational examples of eye-catching and successful marketplaces, pay attention to the list of top 25 Shopify stores of 2018 we’ve prepared today.

What are the most prominent achievements of these stores? It’s time to figure out what exactly made them prosperous. So, if you decided to choose Shopify store as the basis for your business model but stuck with design, general idea, and other stuff, we are introducing you some breathtaking examples.

Get Inspired: Top 25 Shopify stores of 2018

This Shopify store is just awesome. If you think that it looks pretty puzzling on the screen, just look through Carbon Beauty site and try to use it, because the talented web developers along with designers created the real masterpiece.

The elements like images and text move when you scroll the page, so the clearly defined navigation is made in a very interesting way. Actually, the whole marketplace is filled with amazing features that highlight this Shopify store from other ones.

Gymshark has made its place in the fitness industry. The idea, created by teenagers in an ordinary garage, allowed its founders to gain millions on sports clothes & accessories.

The well-performing Gymshark virtual storefront shows classy products on the first page, inviting visitors to start shopping. It should be noted that the brand is extremely popular in social media. It has gained 2,2 million followers on Instagram and almost 1,5 million likes on Facebook. The results are incredible. So, consider promoting your brand on social media as it will definitely draw new visitors.

Pop Chart Lab well-kept page resembles the vintage and trendy prints they actually sell. Well-organized goods and the nicely decorated options turn online shopping into the seamless experience.

Clients can click on an image and zoom it to view print elements more closely.

The first thing that pleasantly surprises you is that the site automatically identifies your location and selects the right currency of your country. Hoovering the product, you can see available sizes, so there is no need to open each item. The integrated filter significantly simplifies shopping, making easy to find what a client is looking for.

The brand’s range of products is very extensive. Thus, Flatspot founders cared about user’s convenience and created an alphabetical list of brand names so customers can find the needed one very quickly.

This brand was founded by stunning 20-years-old Kylie Jenner, who became extremely popular due to the social media. In 2016, the star decided to create her own beauty company selling exclusive cosmetics.

It is known that to make a good impression is vital. Thus, the first peculiarity that greets you on Kylie Cosmetics webshop is a captivating slider. It consists of attractive well-placed pictures demonstrating new product releases, prices, and seasonal sales.

Speaking about Kylie’s profit, the figures are impressive. Only after one and a half year after launching, the corporation gained $420 million in revenue. Now, the celebrity’s production is sold out within seconds.

The first peculiarity you notice is that the company follows its own style guide concept. Their paramount tone is blue, which is clearly seen once you open the shop.

The site automatically offers you to leave comments using your Facebook account. So, there is no need to register or log in every time when a customer wants to leave a feedback. Actually, many clients don’t attempt to comment on the ordered good, because they are simply too lazy to enter their login and password.

Also, each product card has a video instruction on how to use the certain item.

The story of this brand originated in 2009 in the USA when the first pair of boots was successfully sold. Since then, the company’s manufacturers are striving to improve the product, making it high-quality, timeless, and very comfortable. Only the premium leather and materials are used.

HELM Boots online store will satisfy even the needy customers. Flawless minimalist design delivers an unforgettable experience to the users.

Therefore, HELM Boots is an excellent example of the classy draft that significantly attracts visitors. So, be sure to hire a well-qualified and creative team that will implement an elegant shop’s style for your store based on Shopify.

This brand has been releasing fashionable and high-quality sunglasses for any taste since 2010. At first sight, this Shopify store is quite ordinary, but the “Discover” menu item reveals delighted sunny pictures. Square-sized photos, which arranging resembles the world-known Instagram, makes the page well-favored by many users. Click a pic and enjoy some story mixed with captivating images.

Besides the high-tech look, Sunday Somewhere website is very reliable to browse and do shopping.

The Ugmonk homepage features the best sellers. It is quite a clever trick to make visitors buy it. The brand is extremely popular all over the planet and works with more than 60 countries worldwide. The enterprise’s production ranges from clothing to other items like prints or workspace stuff.

Probably, their secret formula is the immaculate design and unparalleled usability.

Taylor Stitch Shopify store was launched in 2010 when its author came up with the idea to create comfortable and at the same time sophisticated clothing.

Taylor Stitch site looks gorgeous due to the stunning images you can’t stop staring at and the beautiful font selected for each page. In addition, everyone who opens the store is pleased with notifications that greet customers and inform them about sales or special offers.

The company was based by two friends who got tired of the poor quality of their travel backpacks. Risking the future, the guys decided to quit jobs to run their own business. As a result, the brand enriched the world’s market with high-quality travel gear.

Minaal site is a great example of simple elegance and convenience. The homepage contains testimonials from the crew that helps customers to select the right item and to stay convenient about its quality and reliability. The Instagram page of the brand consists of the pictures of users walking, running, and just traveling with their product.

This online store of the London’s boutique tea company associates with a blog due to the numerous posts in honor of tea, its types, curious stories, historical facts etc. Actually, Little Sparrow Tea is about selling the favorite drink of million people.

Just spend a couple of minutes on this Shopify store to realize that everything there, including texts, photography, and all the content, is made by the people who are in love with the drink. Enjoy what you do like these guys to get the very best results.

The first thing you see in this virtual storefront selling British luxury watches is a breathtaking video of a man diving and exploring reefs with Bremont product. Going down the page, you can see the new enterprise’s collection.

Also, Bremont offers you to read interesting articles in the blog. It is a good idea to draw visitor’s attention to your Shopify store, too. So, if you plan to run a blog, care about the content.

SkinnyMe Tea is a brand based in 2012 in Australia that offers tea to make people healthier and cleaning their body.   

Their pages are filled with useful information and advantageous solutions to improve your mental & physical state. SkinnyMe Tea was favored by more than 350,000 people, and in 9 months after the firm’s launch, it was gaining $600k in monthly revenue.

Hoovering the pic, it turns into another one showing the accessory on the model. When you scroll the homepage, the “Keep in touch” block appears on the bottom with animation that draws visitor attention.

The last but not least gladness is that it loads with lighting speed making browsing much faster.

Playful drawings that serve as a quirky design make clear that this is a family-owned company. Harris Farm Markets has the integrated Google reviews system, which is a great advantage.

Speaking of products for any taste, its images look very appetizingly and attractive. In addition, the web page suits the delivery areas map for potential customers.

Negative Underwear owners concerned about professional photos and short movies for their site. Their schtick is alive and bright pictures that attract clients so much.

One of the company’s goals is to deliver the very best experience to the needy customers.

Cleary Bikes originators placed all the needed information on the homepage. Built-in Instagram page of the brand allows viewing pictures directly on the shop, which makes it more vivid and “alive”.

Also, all the goods are well-described, so you will definitely know what you’re purchasing. In general, this Shopify website looks smooth and just “clean”.

This absolutely exquisite Shopify store is selling high-quality headphones, earphones, speakers, and other accessories.

The brand’s popularity is so significant that Master and Dynamic production is a new rival to well-known Beats by Dre. Also, the company, founded in 2013, is known for collaborations with famous musicians, artists, and designers.

This is an example of a well-developed Shopify marketplace that matches the brand’s individuality.

Ivory & Deene website is another example of a robust, fast, and just nice Shopify store with incredible pictures. Their distinguishing feature is “Instashop” option that allows to view images that are posted on Instagram. The point is that you don’t have to go directly to Instagram because the photos are already available in the shop. Also, you can easily buy the item shown on a pic. That makes shopping a simple and pleasurable process.

This brand is about selling comfortable clothes. On one of the pages, an online store’s owner tells a touching story of how he came up with the idea of creating his own brand and how it influenced his life. The text is very inspiring and encouraging.

In general, the layout is modern and easy to navigate.

KUTOA’s creator came up with the idea to sell healthy food after he experienced major difficulties with his own organism, caused by unnatural, heavily processed foods filled with sodium-rich preservatives.

The bright and positive site offers tasty sweets with no harm to the health. In addition, it is filled with useful blog posts about nutrition, volunteering, and news related to the whole planet.

KKW Beauty is one of the top 25 Shopify stores of 2018, owned by another popular American personality Kim Kardashian-West. Although many people state that her goods are sold so actively due to her world’s recognition, the star’s website looks sophisticated.

The design colors vary from light pink to soft brown, the beloved tones of the majority of women. Shopping in such marketplace is absolutely amazing. In addition, the interface is well-developed, too.

This nice looking site offers a very delicious popcorn of the premium quality.

In 2016, its founders launched “mini moments” campaign. They film random people talking about cute and pleasant things they have experienced in life. Also, during the video, they start eating popcorn and always tell their favorite thing about this snack. These inspirational short movies are the smartest advertising solution. You can watch it on the bottom of the Pipcorn homepage.

The eye-catching banner, which greets you once you get the shop, makes you make an order as soon as possible.

The navigation bar at the top is special, too. Each category is marked as little black-and-white cartoon drawings, which become colorful when you hover the mouse on it. Although not every store’s owner will focus on such inconsiderable detail, but it makes the site special and unique.

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