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Top Magento Websites

Are you looking for a winning eCommerce platform for your online store? We recommend you to bring the attention to Magento, one of the most powerful CMS, developed to create and manage online stores.

One more time: what is Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular and attractive open eCommerce systems that would be convenient for both customers and administrators of the online store. Like the majority of other engines for eCommerce, Magento works on the basis of PHP and MySQL.  

Plenty of functions is one of most important Magento features. It is easy to develop and manage the online store. Magento Functionality includes different payment systems and delivery options with international support. It quarantines high level of security with private SSL certificates.  

In May 2015, Magento developers released the second version of the well-known platform.  

Features of Magento 2

  • The main target of the Magento 2 is to solve the existing problems and get rid of other errors made in the process of developing the first version. So, the platform is expected to be significantly improved.  
  • The system became 50% faster in work and almost 38% faster in process of placing an order.
  • New admin interface has become very adaptive. Filters and criteria greatly simplify the search and navigation by goods and categories.
  • Magento 2 provides the reliable protection of transactions and payment procedures.
  • Simplification of development under Magento. This applies to both the front-end and deeper levels, down to the admin, which is also divided into modules in order to provide greater flexibility for developers.

Actually, Magento is the leading platform for e-commerce and the basis for about 30% of the market. This platform is the reliable basis for more than 100 000 online stores.

List of Top Websites

There is a list of 7 top Magento websites well-known all around the world:

Land Rover (Magento 2)

land rover

The website of the popular car brand is extremely pleasurable to use. It is fast, understandable and reliable.

Missguided (Magento 1)


Missguided website is a huge store containing 8 additional stores. Customers turnover is amazing: 3.5 million monthly visits is an excellent figure!  

Helly Hansen (Magento 2)

Helly Hansen

This top Magento website was one of the biggest Magento Cloud projects in 2016. Now it has 30 stores and provides 6 languages.  

Fred Perry (Magento 1)

Fred Perry

The website of the popular clothing line is created following all minimalism standards. Also, it is very easy and convenient to view the items.

Paul Smith (Magento 2)  

From the very first visit, the top Magento website amazes with its aesthetic beauty. The shopping option ‘Model Wears’ is a great complement to the demanding users.  

MADE (Magento 1)


The formula is simple: breathtaking furniture pictures + simple interface + excellent page load speed are making this online store successful.  

Wrangler Europe (Magento 1)


Besides the successful mix of user-generated content, the website suggests product detail page layouts and fit finder tool. If you are interested in how to implement SEO in Magento or have other questions, contact us or read more articles on our site. 

Valentyn Kubrak

Valentyn KubrakChief Operating Officer

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