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What should you know about Google Shopping as a newcomer?


First of all, Google Shopping is very useful for those companies which work on the direct delivery system. Moreover, it is considered to be a practical tool for showing all your products and increasing the opportunities for their sale. Understandably, this service is offered by the technology giant Google and that’s why it can bring amazing results in the case advertising campaigns are organized effectively.

What is Google Shopping and for whom it can be useful?

As it was mentioned before, Google Shopping is a service provided by Google. It can be useful for two groups of people: owners of online stores and Internet users. On the one hand, people who own online stores have an opportunity to display the products in the promotion of which they are interested. But they should pay Google for transferring users to their online stores. On the other hand, Internet users can easily glance through different products they are looking for, compare prices among the various stores that offer them and finally purchase the needed products at a fair price.

At first sight, it looks like a very easy-in-use tool. All you need to do is searching for the product on Google, and if this product is in the promotion of any online stores, you will see in the search results a comparison between different online stores which sell this product, and also its image, properties, and price. Consequently, a user can see the variety of goods from his search query, filter them by price, view only new products or sort them by rating and reviews of other users. But how it can help the owners of online stores?

How does Google Shopping work?

In order to start getting benefits from Google Shopping, you should know some steps which will help you to increase the number of sales. In general, there are five main steps:

1. Firstly, you should create an account in Adwords and Google Merchant Center

create an account in Google Merchant Center

In the Google Merchant Center, you can specify the characteristics which are relevant to your store, as well as the goods that you want to put up for sale. But if you already have an account in Google Analytics or Adwords, you can use them for creating a profile in Google Merchant Center because Google allows you to synchronize information between different accounts.

2. The next step lies in the verification of your online store on Google


The matter is that Google Shopping demands from you to confirm the domain name of your online store and the products that you sell in it. There are several options for how to do it. The most convenient and recommended variant is using the tool which is called Google Search Console.

3. You have to prepare the assortment of your products

google merchant center product

Then you should publish the content of your catalog in Google Shopping. With the help of Google Shopping data streams, you can enter all product characteristics into this tool, such as name, description, category, price, article number, product brand, photo and other necessary information.

It is important to point out that in order to make searching of your products easier for your potential customers you should use keywords while writing the title and description of the product. The reason is that these keywords are easily identified by Google and will show it for people which are looking for this product. But be careful, the keyword is not its exact name or article number, but category, because users will enter it while looking up the Internet this item.

Moreover, remember that Google Shopping is not an automatic tool. It means that after publishing your data streams, it can take from 24 to 48 hours or maybe even several days before the streams appear online.

4. It's high time to create, differentiate, and optimize your first campaign

google merchant center compaign

There are some things which you must remember about while launching a good Google Shopping campaign, for example, setting your daily budget and cost-per-click (CPC). You should thoroughly analyze the results of your campaigns in order not to waste money. And another significant thing is the correct use of keywords in the description of goods. It can make your site much better in comparison with other sites which are your competitors.

5. Final recommendations for getting the correct CPC and prices


There are some other tips which are also very important in promoting your direct supply store in Google Shopping. For instance, it’s better for you to work on the search trends. Here Google Shopping comes in handy because it allows you to see what words people use frequently to search for your products. This information will give you an idea of how to write a description of your products. Furthermore, you should analyze negative keywords. It is as significant as with positive words because if you don’t get rid of them it can decrease your sales. And finally, change your product offers depending on the time of day and date. Having analyzed your campaigns, you can define the habits of your clients and the best time for sales.

To sum it up, we hope that we helped you to find out more about Google Shopping and now you are aware of all its details and use. So, sell your products more effectively with Google Shopping and benefit from it!

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Myroslava LukashukeCommerce Expert

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